Crack Repair

We utilize two methods for doing crack repair jobs. The first is an epoxy injection. The ports are cap sealed over the crack using a two part mixture. The crack is then injected with the epoxy resin, thus returning the foundation back to its original structural strength and completely eliminating water leakage. A polyurethane based material is our second method of crack repair. This material seals the crack from the exterior. However, do not confuse this material with tar, by its appearance. This polyurethane material is resistant to sun and will not deteriorate, unlike tar. This method is guaranteed to provide many years of a permanent water tight seal.

Helical Tie Backs

We repair bowed walls by running one and a half inch square helical piers until they lock up at 3000 foot pounds of torque and connect the shaft to all thread rods running into the foundation wall. We then can bring the foundation wall back to its original structural design and stabilizes your wall.

Steel driven piers. For piering we use a system designed by Rapid Support Systems. The design is a high lift drive bracket which uses a hydraulic cylinder to drive a galvanized steel pipe to bed rock or until pier has locked up at load bearing strata. These brackets have been rated by the LRFD to have a load bearing strength of 120,000 lbs. for a single pier.

Porch Piers It can be costly to have your porch roof supported and to have new concrete slab poured due to risks incurred when the concrete resettles. We will use the same type of helical as in tiebacks to run down but instead of all thread we use a porch bracket to raise and stabilize your existing porch at an affordable price.
Drain tile
We use the best materials available for your waterproofing needs. We first remove approximately a one foot section of the floor around the basement walls. We then remove dirt until we are about five inches below the top of the footer. A corrugated pipe is layed next to the footer and is connected to a sump pit. The floor is then replaced back to its original view. Our sump pumps our designed by Emcole. They are an energy efficient pump that produces an excellent water flow. Utilizing this method will completely remove the risk of water coming in through your floor and foundation.
French drain
First the dirt is removed along the exterior wall next to the footer. Then a pipe is layed, (just like in drain tile), into a culvert pipe where there will be an exterior sump pump or a gravity drain. The trench is then back filled with river rock up to about a foot and then the rest will be dirt. The dirt will be leveled and grass will be replaced to restore the home to its previous appearance.