This page is designed to help educate you as a property owner and to use this knowledge to allow you to choose the most appropriate foundation repair company for your current needs.

Each aspect of foundation structure and repair must be taken into consideration to ensure a foundation that will stand the test of time and will be most financially obtainable for each individual. After reading all the information, we believe you will agree that Buildet Foundation Repair LLC. uses the highest quality materials, the most innovative techniques, and performs the work in a timely cost-effective manner.

Quality Piers

Rapid Support System are used by Buildet Foundation Repair, LLC. Time and studies have proven they produce a superior pier when compared to other systems. As CEO of the company, I have seen high quality pier systems fail due to being installed incorrectly. While working at a particular residence in St. Charles, MO, I replaced X amount of piers that another company had installed. Their piers failed for a reason. I was able to get a considerable amount of lift at 16 feet in depth and that is where the company before had stopped there piers, but I kept testing the load until the pier broke through a layer of shell rock and lost all pressure. The pier needed to be driven down another 10’ before it hit bedrock. Therefore, it is imperative to not only use the highest quality product one can find, but also to install this product correctly. Failing to do so will lead to failure of the foundation.

Helical Piers

Helical piers use the same concept. Choose a superior system and install the pier correctly. Some pier companies will stop the helical before it has reached load baring pressure to save material unless the homeowner is willing to pay an additional fee for the extra footage needed. The pier has to be installed correctly in order to lift and stabilize your home for any period of time. Failure to do so will cause major foundation repair in the future.

Crack Repair

When doing crack repair, there are many techniques available. Some use a foam injection, and our company feels this is a very poor alternative. Over time this material can deteriorate and fails to bring the foundation back to its necessary structural design. Another method is chipping a v out of the length of the crack and inserting a rubber hose ran down to the footer. After this is achieved, the crack is mortared over with cement. In my opinion this system is the worst available. The only way to completely seal out all water in my opinion is to use a polyurethane base material or to epoxy inject the crack. When using an epoxy ejection you will not only seal out all water but also return the foundation back to its structural design. Many of the top pier companies use these two methods but it has to be done correctly and cannot be rushed.

Even with all these different pier, helical and crack repair systems available, you must choose a company that is capable of installing all these effectively and efficiently. That’s why I personally, Josh Montgomery, CEO of Buildet Foundation Repair LLC will be on each jobsite to perform or oversee the work being done. There is a high employee turnover rate with most pier companies. Which cause them to have under qualified workers performing these duties. In order to obtain the best services for your money, choose our company and get your foundations installed or repaired by experienced workers.